Therapy for men

we have it rough...Let's talk about it.

We have some things to talk about.

As men, we have been conditioned to not talk about how we feel.  On top of that, everyone that we go to talk to is either another woman and you need to talk bout "women" or you find someone who is more focused on exploring "just" how you feel and not giving you concrete solutions to problems.

Our Issues

Every single issue that is championed for women has an equally opposite version for men. We have body image issues, we are victims of domestic violence, and suicide rates disproportionately affect us.  We are shamed for expressing emotion and shamed for repressing it.  

How I Help

It is simple. I give you a space to talk about your issues and for those issues that I can help you change, I tell you what to do to change them. I am also a marriage therapist and I have taught men how to be assertive, become consistent, and have more passionate sex in their relationships. 

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