Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are you?

Hi, my name is Derrick Javan Hoard and I am a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in Seattle, Washington. 

What is situational therapy?

This type of Therapy, devised through conversations with patients, is explicitly focused on helping patients ease their symptoms as quickly as possible. We define your symptoms as a response to certain situations you encounter in life. Your response to these situations can mimic symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, or even Schizophrenia if the event is triggering enough. The problem is that your symptoms are indication that you need to do something different or that something needs to change. You are doing the best you can with what you know, my job is to teach you something different.  In couples therapy, replace "symptoms" with "arguments". 

How Much does it cost?

My hourly rate is $200 per hour.  I am able to provide financial scholarships for individuals where my hourly rate would cause a financially difficult situation. I will subsidize up to 70% of the cost of therapy for those who need it.  All you need to do is ask during our initial consultation.  Clients stay with me on average three to seven sessions. I also provide a free in-person 30 minute consultation to make sure that we are a good fit.

Do You take insurance?

I do not bill your insurance directly. You must pay me our negotiated rate and I will provide you with completed paperwork to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. I can not guarentee that they will reimburse you as it depends on your plans out of network benefits.

What Happens During The Free Consultation?

The free consultation is basically your opportunity to interview me for the position of being your therapist.  I want you to come with questions not just about my style and approach to therapy, but also about me as a person.  Research shows that it does not matter what approach one uses in therapy, the most important factor in whether or not therapy is successful is the relationship between therapist and client. The free consultation is how we begin our therapeutic relationship. 

How do I schedule My Free consultation?

where are you located?

I have two office locations in Seattle, Washington.  3301 Burke Avenue North and 4511 Densmore Avenue North.  I also provide teletherapy services.  I provide in-home therapy as well where I will come to you. Please inquire about it during our initial consultation.