adult ADHD is a difference in perception

it's time for a different perspective on your adult adhd

Every year, 2000 left-handed people die trying to use tools made for right-handed people.   Does it mean that there is something wrong with the left-handed people? No. It just simply means they are trying to use a tool that isn't made for them.  

What does this have to do with Adult ADHD?

Adult ADHD is only a disorder in certain situations. It is an adaptation in the right situations and a disorder in the wrong ones.  In the right situation "extreme attention to detail" or "hyperfocus" can assist you in producing work that would take others weeks.  In the wrong situation you will become "hyperfocused" on your perceived failings and it will cause you significant stress.  

The world isn't made for people who's brains work like ours.

  • We don't learn in the same way
  • We don't process information in the same way
  • We don't feel emotions in the same way
  • We don't express ourselves in the same way
  • We don't think in the same way

That is why the label of Adult ADHD exists.  It is because we are a deviation from the norm in terms of our perception of reality.  We perceive time differently (hyperfocus), we perceive interactions differently (high empathy), we are aware of injustices more keenly (low frustration tolerance), and we have a tendency to not follow rules that fundamentally don't make sense. 

Our style of perception is an adaptation in the right situations. When we are in our elements or working toward a goal we care about, "ADHD" could almost be seen as an unfair advantage. However when following the mundane "work" of everyday life It is absolutely catastrophic. "Attention to detail" becomes "overthinking", "hyper-focus" becomes "procrastination", and dealing with the reality of it all is depressing.

I will teach you how to adapt to a world that isn't made for you.

The most important thing you will learn in therapy with me is that there is nothing wrong with you.   You are doing the best you can to survive in a world that, to you, seems like it is backwards.  I will teach you how to be consistent, how to stop beating up on yourself for small mistakes, and how to get rid of destructive coping skills.  

I've explained the 'why' now let me show you 'how'

Click here to schedule your free initial consultation with me and I will show you how I am going to help you use your adaptation to your advantage. It is like you are living life with the emergency brake on. I am going to show you how to release it. 

Batman explaining to Robin how Robin's symptoms are not ruining his life.

Batman explaining to Robin how Robin's symptoms are not ruining his life.