I do Therapy a little differently...

I am a life coach that is actually qualified to coach.

You aren't crazy, the situations you find yourself in might be.

Whether it is ADHD, depression, or any other mental health symptom; none of these feelings occur in isolation. Meaning, there is some situation or context that they happen in.  I focus on helping people identify the situations that lead them to feel mental health symptoms and provide coaching on how to change them. 

My job as your therapist-coach is to teach you the difference between situations you can change and situations that change you.

There are two main situations life will present you with.  Situations that you can change and situations that change you.  In order to learn the life lesson, you have to be able to tell the difference between the two.  If not, you will feel stuck. 

I will coach you through life's difficult situations.

The truth is, some people are better equipped to see the difference between situations they can change and situations that they have to cope with. These people grew up in stable house-holds where they received validation for just existing.  Others grew up in situations they had to cope with and so believe they have to cope with everything.  The good news is that once you learn the difference life becomes much easier. With ADHD for example, when you learn how to create your own deadlines and have internal motivation, ADHD transforms into a powerful creative process. 

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As your therapist  I'll help you identify you identify your negative patterns. As your coach I'll give you specific tasks to break them. Clients typically stay with me for an average of 2 to 7 sessions. There is no minimum and no maximum. For some the free initial consultation is enough to get unstuck from ADHD or any other mental health concerns.  For ongoing support, accountability and situational coaching, my rates are between $150 and $250 depending on whether is teletherapy, in-office, or walk and talk. Because I am a licensed therapist you can use your insurance for reimbursement as an OON provider. I offer financial scholarships for those who ask.