Top 5 Symptoms of adult ADHD


1. low frustration tolerance

You find yourself getting frustrated at the objectively stupid decisions that people make.  When you confront them on this you are told that you are too "aggressive" or "passionate". You feel as though you are expected to respond to frustrating events in a way that invalidates your feelings.

2. Excessive talking

Depending on who it is you are talking to and especially when you are making a point they don't like, your "talking" is "excessive".  Nevermind no one ever talks about how the measure of what is "excessive" is relative.  Just like me, you get excited when you are discussing things and sometimes the words come before you have had time to process them.

3. Disorganization

Because you have a different way of perceiving the world than most, your idea of organization is relative to the task at hand.  Because you have been conditioned to see your idea of "organization" as more "disorganized" than others, you are constantly trying to structure yourself the way you think you "should" instead of the way that feels natural to you. This results in more "disorganization". 

4. Trouble staying focused on tasks

You often forget or just don't do routine chores. Because, honestly, they are just going to get dirty again. This really annoys other people around you and only annoys you in certain situations. Mostly because other people tell you that it is annoying.  However, there are times where being easily distracted causes you frustration. If only you knew someone who could teach you how to stay on tasks. Like a therapist. Who has ADHD. 

5. Going off on tangents

I have written and rewritten this exact sentence like five times now. I can't decide which tangent to follow.  There are so many ways for me to get to my overall point and I want to tell you about all of them. The fact that I can see situations from multiple perspectives it not indicative of some sort of deficit in my executive functioning. It just means that I/WE have an ability to understand things from many different angles. 

ADHd/ADD Is just a difference of perception

There is nothing wrong with you. You just need to learn how to use your adaptation in a world that isn't made for it.