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Counseling for COllege Students

Hi, I am Derrick Javan Hoard, and I am a psychotherapist in Seattle, Washington.  You are here most likely because you were searching for your college's counseling center.  On-campus counseling centers can be an invaluable resource to assist students in managing the stresses of college life.  The problem is that going to a counseling center is different than going to see "my therapist."

The Difference that makes a difference

When you have your own personal therapist, it allows you to create what is called a therapeutic alliance.  I keep my caseload small so that every time a client comes into my office, I don't have to remind myself of who they are, my clients are free to resume where we left off.  Often, clients are often surprised at how much I remember.

What issues do you work with?

Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior: college can provide some of the most challenging experiences of your life.  Between juggling schoolwork, relationships, and dealing with family influences, the college experience can quickly become overwhelming.  I will help you if you need assistance like therapy dogs, accommodations for classroom settings, or just someone to vent your frustrations to.  I also provide situational therapy when necessary.  Situational therapy is for people who find themselves in difficult life situations and need instruction on what to do differently. 

What about the cost?

I offer discounted pricing to college students who present with their school Id's.  My rate for college students is $100 per hour. If this is still too much of a financial burden, but you think I am a good fit for you let me know in our initial consultation and we will discuss a payment plan. If you have insurance you may use it, but you must check on your out-of-network benefits.  You must pay me for services and I will provide you with a superbill to get reimbursed or have the amount applied to your deductible. I will explain all of this in our free initial consultation. 

Free In-Person Consultation

The most important thing is are we a good fit.  I give my clients a free 30-minute in-person consultation so you can interview me. Most clients tell me that they are surprised that I actually have a personality and they didnt know therapists could be so damn cool. Ok, I may be embellishing a little, but the point is that therapy with me is much different and the only way to know is to come to see for yourself.