therapy with instructions on how to change behavior

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Covid-19 Statement

I have switched my practice to a fully online format. I use a secure encrypted peer to peer video conferencing service to ensure your confidentiality [not Zoom]. I have been doing teletherapy for the past five years, and know what it takes to establish good therapeutic rapport. You can also check out my youtube channel for more updates as well as an example of how therapy will look and sound. 

What is Situational Therapy?

I created Situational Therapy through collaboration with individuals, couples, and families.  It is a brief-therapy modeled after cognitive behavioral therapy and is explicitly focused on helping patients ease their symptoms as quickly as possible. We define your symptoms as a response to certain situations.  

How is it different?

There are two situations in life that everyone will encounter. Situations that you can change and Situations that you cannot. Situational Therapy is where I instruct you, explicitly, on how to change an undesirable situation and how to cope with situations that cannot be changed. This approach applies to individual mental health concerns or problems with communication in a relationship. I provide a roadmap and framework to assist you in making and tracking change.

Who is Situational Therapy made for?

SItuational Therapy is for anyone who finds themselves in a Situation where they are doing the best they can and desperately wants to do something different. Here are some examples: 

The Last Step and Also The First

I offer a free 30-minute assessment session to see if you fit criteria for Situational Therapy. Clients stay with me on average 3-7 sessions. My hourly rate is $150 per hour and I offer financial scholarships where I subsidize up to 33% of the cost of therapy for those in financially difficult Situations. All you have to do is ask!  I am an out of network provider for most insurance companies, please verify your out of network benefits with your own insurance provider.