What's The difference between a life coach and a therapist?

I'm Not Saying I'm Better Than Life Coaches. NVM, Yes I Am.

this is how situational therapy can work for you.

Why Do You Have Problems?

Because there is a life skill and life truth you are missing. The situations in life that you feel anxious or depressed are the situations where you need to employ the life skill.

For Example:

Let' say you don't know how to be assertive. You will find yourself in situations where people walk all over you. This will happen at work, school, and/or home. You'd find yourself experiencing depression or anxiety in those situations. Until you believe the truth and learn the skill, no amount of medication will help your symptoms because they are logical.

How Can I Help You?

I will teach you the life truth and show you the life skill to get past the difficult situations in your life. 

I am not like most therapists.

  • I don't think that everyone that comes to therapy has some undiagnosed mental illness. 
  • I don't think that we need to "resolve" past trauma in order to help you make changes.
  • I don't think therapy has to take forever.  3-7 Sessions is my average.

Back to our example. With assertiveness, the life truth is that "You are not responsible for how other people feel" and the life skill is "Sometimes you have to say things you think people don't want to hear".  I will analyze your unique way of experiencing the world and provide you with a scientifically-backed and experientially tested intervention to make you change how you behave in that situation.

What is the Difference Between a Life Coach and a Therapist?


If you ask a life coach, they will tell you that Therapy is only focused on the past. Some therapies are focused on the past.  Mine isn't.  I will tell you precisely what to do and how to do it to help you move through life.  I could tell you about my years of school, the exams I have passed, and the licensure I have obtained.  At the end day, though, that isn't what is important to you as someone seeking help.  What you want to know is if I am someone who will help you solve your problems.  What is the difference between a life coach and me?

The difference is that I have earned the right to call myself a therapist and as a therapist, I know how to "make You change". 

Make=encourage strongly

Also with life coaches you can't use your insurance.  Because I am a licensed therapist, you can be reimbursed by your insurance company.

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