A different approach to behavioral issues in children


Covid-19 Statement

I have switched my practice to a fully online format. I use a secure encrypted peer to peer video conferencing service to ensure your confidentiality [not Zoom]. I have been doing teletherapy for the past five years, and know what it takes to establish good therapeutic rapport. You can also check out my youtube channel for more updates as well as an example of how therapy will look and sound. 

Who am I?

My name is Derrick Javan Hoard and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working out of Seattle, Washington.  You can click here to verify my licensure.

What is Situational Family Therapy?

Situational Family Therapy is an approach I developed through conversations with frustrated parents. It is the most effective and efficient way of solving behavioral problems with your child.  Child therapists, child psychologists, and other clinicians who focus specifically on trying to change things through 1-hour sessions with your child only are only prolonging the problem and not getting to the root cause of the issues. With Situational Therapy, we focus on the specific situations in which your child displays behavioral problems, and I provide you with instructions on how to change that behavior. 

How does Situational Family Therapy Work?

Situational Family Therapy is different from other forms of therapy because I provide you with specific directives to change your child's behaviors.  Instead of providing your child with "coping skills", I provide you with instructions on how to respond to your child's negative behaviors to eliminate them.  This approach works with anxiety, depression, poor school performance, oppositional behaviors, ADHD, and any situation where your child is displaying undesirable behavior.  With problems at school, I will collaborate with your child's teacher with you and on your behalf. 

Will You Work Directly With My Child?

It depends on the situation. With children 13 and under, parents will always need to be present for the session. I work with teenagers alone when the teenager has specifically requested that they want a therapist.  For Situational Family Therapy to be effective, I need to speak with the primary parental influence first.  In the event of being divorced or separated, I still require both parents to attend or at least be a part of the process. I do not do custody evaluations, and I will not participate in "siding" with one parent over the other. If both parents are unwilling to attend and/or at least be in communication with me, I will refer you to another therapist. 

What if my child has ADHD or some other mental illness?

I developed this approach through conversations with parents in my therapy practice.  There were some parents of children with ADHD who did not want to use medication and were frustrated at the lack of approaches the emphasized non-pharmacological interventions. As such, Situational Family Therapy works for children who have been diagnosed and those that have not. I do not give out diagnoses unless they are needed to provide access to resources (IEP's, School Accommodations...) we will discuss this in our initial consultation.

Final steps

Clients stay with me on average 3 to 7 sessions. My hourly rate is $200. For information about financial assistance and insurance reimbursement please click here.  I offer a free 30-minute consultation where I will explain the approach as well as give you real examples of it working.  The number one thing I hear from my clients is how it now feels like they have an instruction manual for their kids.