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changing your relationship to anxiety

The way you think about anxiety needs to change and I'll show you how to change it.

You aren't crazy, the relationship you have with Anxiety is.

The biggest fear my clients have about anxiety is that because they are unable to control it, it means that they are crazy.  You are not crazy. The relationship between you and anxiety is "what's crazy" and that is why you are suffering.

Anxiety is NOT your enemy.

We have a tendency to personify anxiety. We treat it as if it something that is out to get us or something we need to get rid of. Anxiety is simply a message from your body in response to external or internal stimuli.  When referring to external stimuli such as a jump scare or a loud sounds, anxiety is invaluable for keeping us safe.  When we talk about internal stimuli such as thoughts or beliefs it can cause serious difficulties.

I will teach you to heal your relationship with Anxiety.

Two people get off of a rollercoaster.  They are both breathing quickly, sweating, and visibly shaking.  One person says "this is the best experience I have ever had in my life and I can't wait to do it again", the other says "this is the worse experience of my life and I'll never do it again". What is the difference? It is the same physical response, but one person calls it anxiety and the other excitement.  I will show you how to tell the difference so you stop having PTSD about Anxiety. 

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As your therapist  I'll help you identify you identify your negative patterns. As your coach I'll give you specific tasks to break them. Clients typically stay with me for an average of 2 to 7 sessions. There is no minimum and no maximum. My rates are between $150 and $250 depending on whether is teletherapy, in-office, or walk and talk. Insurance accepted as an OON provider.  I offer financial scholarships for those who ask.