About me


Hello Potential clients/television producers

I assume the only people who will read this are clients who are cyber-stalk...er um "researching" me or someone who is offering me a television show.  So I will speak to you both at the same time.   You aren't going to find out what you want to find out about me until you do your free consultation.  You can watch my youtube videos, read all my writings, stalk all my Reddit posts, but until you have a face-to-face conversation with me, you are still going to wonder, "what is he like"?

Personal biography

I mean, my bio isn't all that interesting. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist. My bachelor's degree is in criminal justice and my master's degree is in marriage and family therapy.  I think that traditional therapy is pretty much broken.  Most practitioners are so boring and have no personality.  They are so concerned with "treating mental illness" that they forget how to "have a conversation with a client". 

My life purpose

That is a pretty lofty sub-heading, "my life purpose".  It is almost a little arrogant to assume that I have it figured all out.  Did I mention I like to be funny? I at least make attempts at humor.  My whole life purpose is to work myself out of a job.  I am hoping that one day I come up with the perfect intervention.  The intervention that makes people love themselves or makes couples communicate more effectively.  If I weren't doing therapy, I'd probably make videogames for a living. 

What do you struggle with?

This isn't... Oh wait... Well I struggle with the same things that most people do.  My clients often ask me, in so many ways, "Am I Crazy?" and I like to answer "If you're crazy, then I'm insane.  I do the very same things that you do, I just get paid to show you how to stop doing them".  Historically I have struggled with procrastination, anxiety, OCD, and depression. Incidentally, I specialize in all of those things. I don't "struggle" with them so much as "realize suffering is an integral part of the human experience",  I just don't suffer unnecessarily anymore.

whats the overall message?

There's nothing wrong with you. Your brain chemicals aren't messed up, your personality isn't disordered, and you don't have negative personality traits. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they know. My job is to show you something different.

I have more questions.

I can answer them in a live format in one of my two office locations or via teletherapy. 


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